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Service concept

We always believe that the long-term development of the company is inseparable from the long-term support of customers, and the support of customers is inseparable from the good after-sales service guarantee! Customer satisfaction is our responsibility.


Service tenet

the principle of honesty and credit, the timely and agile response, the work of excellence, and the satisfactory service.

The perfect technical service and technical support are implemented by "Huayuan" company--customer service center to ensure customers enjoy stable operation. We will provide "quality service" in a long-term and continuous manner to minimize the risk of unknown products and provide customers with reliable and intelligent products.


Pre-sales service

We provide one-to-one service for our customers, and our customer service staff is online 24 hours a day. Provide customers with purchasing advice; selection design; technical support contact; and other demand services. Let customers minimize the investment to buy the most practical products.


In-sale service

We provide free shipping, installation, commissioning, operator training and other services.


After-sales service

1.Delivery service: Free home delivery, and bear all responsibility for damage caused during transportation

2. Commissioning and installation: After the product enters the customer's designated location, the customer is ready to complete the required packaging materials and other auxiliary facilities, and notify the factory. The commissioning personnel will arrive at the location of the machine within 24 hours at the earliest, such as the road; if the traffic is inconvenient or the road is far away, our factory personnel will arrive within 72 hours. After the commissioning is passed, the customer fills in the comments and signs and seals on the “Adjustment Test Report”.

3. Operational training: Our factory will optimize the experienced technical technicians who have good quality to train the customer's operators until the operators can independently operate the production. And guide the correct operation and maintenance methods; pretreatment of equipment failure; replacement of accessories.

4. On-site maintenance: After the customer discovers that the product has failed to notify our factory, our factory will reply within 2 hours and handle it by telephone. If the factory maintenance personnel can't handle it, the machine will arrive at the machine within 24 hours. The location is subject to maintenance; if the traffic is inconvenient or the road is far away, our factory personnel will arrive within 72 hours. If you need to replace the accessories, our factory will deliver the accessories to the customer's location within 24 hours at the earliest; and provide replacement installation by telephone guidance or on-site service.

5. Warranty period: Our factory provides free home maintenance and repair; free home repair; free spare parts replacement; free technical upgrade and other services!

6. Out of warranty period: We provide relevant technical consultation telephone maintenance instructions free of charge. For on-site maintenance, you only need to be responsible for the technician's fare reimbursement fee to enjoy free equipment maintenance service (free working hours); at the same time, guarantee the supplied accessories. Ex-factory price (not for profit)

Equipment Recycling and Replacement: Our equipment can be recycled for the equipment that the customer has put on hold, and the equipment can be replaced with a longer service life. Recycling rules 1. 50% of the purchase price of the customer within one year in the case of intact equipment, 40% within two years, 30% within three years, 20% over three years, equipment damage and the use period of more than three years will be in accordance with the purchase price of the equipment. 10% recycling! Old-for-new trades are also renewed in accordance with the above rules!

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