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Huayuan new warm baby packaging machine


The warm baby packaging machine is a warm Baoan processing and packaging equipment, which can replace the manual packaging to improve its packaging efficiency and reduce the process and process. So what are the components of the warm baby packaging machine?

1, warm baby packaging machine heat seal, batch number, indentation, punching and other devices are all equipped with a spindle with a rack positioning, shaking the handle, all kinds of devices can easily move freely on the mandrel, machine table With a ruler, the calibration is convenient and the positioning is quick and accurate.

2, warm baby packaging machine robot traction, using a double swing rod device, increasing the adjustable range of traction stroke (up to 220mm), can adapt to the packaging of various sizes of medicine. Machine-to-plate heating, upper and lower netting, cylinder heat sealing, automatic feeding, automatic indentation batch number, automatic punching section, easy to operate and reliable.

3. The main transmission part of the warm baby packaging machine adopts the parallel shaft helical gear reduction box. The heat sealing, indentation and other molds adopt the positioning of the nail, the pressing plate is fastened, the positioning is accurate, the mold changing is convenient, and the packaging material is saved.

4, warm baby packaging machine is suitable for packaging warm bag, warm bag, warm treasure, warm foot pad, warm baby, a hot, warm palace paste, activated carbon self-heating materials.

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