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Ruian Huayuan packing machinery factory located in Ruian city,Zhejiang province,as professional manufacturer of package machine,was established in 1996 with a area of 20000 square meters.It consists of technical Development Department,Manufacturing Department Sales Department and After Service Depa rtment,At present,there are 180 staff members,including 50 technicians,With the largest production capacity of 4000sets per year.Main Products include:Pillow type packing machine,blister packing machine,capsule filling machine,vertical packing machine for(granule,powder and liquid),cartoning machine,thress dinensional packing machine,sealing&shrink packing machine etc.

We have been awarded with ISO9001:2008,the verification of"GMP"issued by the State Economic Trading committee,regarding the quality and considerate servce,technology and steady performance as our life, is has got popularity,and our products sell to eastern,southern Asia,middle east,Europe,Africa,north America£-south America.

Our development needs your suppods,and your satisfaction is our aim,we are willing to create resplendent futu re with you.

Huayuan of the humanities
Good morality, heavenly reward

The revitalization of China's packaging industry has provided us with a broad space for our development. Let us focus more on the wide application of packaging machinery. "Huayuan People" will be in line with the development trend of the industry with a hundred times of stars and courage. Faith, strive to contribute to the development of China's packaging machinery industry!

We have been paying attention to the development of the industry in the long-term, and the pace of leadership will never stop.

Social responsibility
People-oriented, caring for life, safety first

Since its establishment in 1996, Huayuan Machinery has adhered to the principle of "integrity packaging, technological innovation" and adhering to the philosophy of "exquisite packaging, technological innovation". In the spirit of seeking truth and being pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, we take responsibility for corporate social responsibility and actively undertake The responsibility of society, environment, customers and employees is to strive to bring positive and positive changes to society while maintaining rapid and healthy development of the company, and to contribute to the sustainable development of society, economy, nature and environment.


Safe Production

As a manufacturing company with more than ten years of packaging machinery as its main product, Huayuan Machinery always puts people first.

In the production process of the enterprise, employees are strictly required to follow the rules, and the safety and health of employees are the primary considerations.

The company has designated June as the "Safe Production Month", with the workshop as the platform for safe production, and the management personnel "manage the production must be safe" as the principle to realize the employees from "I want to be safe" to "I want to be safe". Change, form a full-person, full-process, all-round safety management mechanism, coordinate the improvement of the working environment, and review the optimization of production procedures, eliminate the factors that may cause harm to people in the production process, and ensure that employees work in a safe and healthy environment.

The company regularly conducts HSE management audits, establishes a high degree of self-discipline, self-improvement, self-motivation mechanism, organizes employees to conduct production risk analysis, emphasizes the prevention of accidents and continuous improvement of production, and adopts effective prevention measures and control measures to reduce possible Personal injury, property damage and environmental pollution.

Environmental protection

The company has been actively involved in energy conservation and environmental protection activities. It has been committed to establishing high standards of environmental, health and product safety in its production and operation activities, and is striving to provide partners with low energy consumption and environmentally friendly products.

Through the implementation of a number of technological transformation programs, the company promotes energy conservation and consumption reduction, accelerates the progress of energy-saving technologies, and completes the energy-saving targets set by the 11th Five-Year Plan. Environmental protection factors are added to the company's daily operations, production and product development. The company's impact on the environment. The company also actively responded to the government's implementation of the scientific development concept, building a resource-saving, environment-friendly society and achieving sustainable development requirements, preparing a clean production audit report and passing the government review, participating in the selection of the "Energy Efficiency Star" activity in Ruian City, in order to adhere to Unremittingly improve energy efficiency, promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, improve environmental performance, and improve the company's environmental management system.

The company has been committed to promoting environmental protection for many years and has gradually gained recognition and recognition from the outside world. In 2009, it was rated as "Advanced Enterprise of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction" by the People's Government of Ruian City. In 2010, it was awarded "Environmental Behavior of Industrial Enterprises" by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Ruian City. The "Blue Ratings" award recognizes the company's actions to further promote environmental protection in the future.

Employee Development

Huayuan regards employees as the company's first wealth. In addition to providing employees with a safe and healthy working environment, encouraging team spirit and rewarding employees who have outstanding performance at work, the company also pays attention to open communication with employees. "To understand each other with a respectful attitude" has become the consensus of the company's employees.
The company believes that competition among enterprises is ultimately a competition for talents. Therefore, the company continuously provides employees with opportunities for learning and training, develops skills in all aspects of employees, and improves their overall quality. From June to September 2010, the company sent nine batches of employees to Japan to study equipment processing technology. In December 2010, the company held a ceremony to award the certificate of completion of training to Japan. Through communication with world-class packaging machinery companies, the company has made great progress in the R&D and production of equipment, which not only improved the technical level of the company's R&D team and R&D personnel, but also enhanced the company's production, research and research collaboration capabilities.
The company also actively encourages employees to conduct on-the-job learning and regularly conduct re-education promotion activities for employees.

Economic contribution

The company loves the reputation of the company and strictly controls the quality. It has provided high quality and stable products to customers and the society for many years. On the basis of ISO9001 quality management system, the company has passed ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification, and has won the honors of "Wenzhou Quality Award", "Wenzhou Famous Brand Product" and "Zhejiang Famous Brand Product", and was packed by China Packaging Federation in 2011. The Equipment Industry Association is listed as a benchmark for packaging machinery.

Through years of steady business development, the company has more than 100 employees and provides them with safe, healthy and promising work environments and employment opportunities. The company has contributed to the economic development of the society by paying taxes in accordance with the law. From 2008 to 2012, the company was successively awarded the title of "Top 100 Enterprises of Ruian City" and "The Large Taxpayer of Ruian City" by the Ruian Municipal People's Government.

Economic contribution

Since its establishment in 1996, the company has been receiving the care and assistance of the government and surrounding residents, and has been able to operate steadily. As a part of society, the company creates wealth from the society, so while creating profits, the company will also pay off part of the benefits to the society. The company hopes that through various public welfare activities, it will not only help people in need, but also influence the whole society with their own practical actions, so that more people can devote themselves to public welfare activities.

After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the company took active actions to help the people in the disaster areas rebuild their homes with love. In addition to the company's first donation to the Chinese Red Cross, the company's employees also donated money to the disaster area.

The company actively supports the construction of local communities. The company receives a large number of students from school to internships during the summer vacation to help them complete the transition from students to employees, and accumulate practical experience for them to enter the society in the future. In 2010, the company was named "Ryan". City Youth Trainee Base."

In order to expand the company's love resources, enhance the cohesiveness of the company and raise the awareness of employees in serving the society, the company established the "Huayuan Love Fund" in 2011. The fund source consists of three parts: employee donation and company support funds. Employees and difficult villagers in the community.

In addition to conducting industry-university-research cooperation with universities, the company also actively supports higher education and helps students successfully complete their studies. In 2011, the company established the "Huayuan Packaging Scholarship" at Ruian University of Electronic Science and Technology, and provided scholarships totaling 50,000 yuan to the outstanding undergraduates of the Food College every year. In addition, a batch of computers was donated to Yiqiao Town Central Primary School to provide support for the continuous improvement of the modern education level of local teachers.

Quality-oriented, technology-led, strict quality testing
Good environment, create excellent talents
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Good environment, create excellent talents...
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